Ivhu Ceramics

Full Corporate identity, eCommerce Store & online presence

To create a cohesive brand identity and develop an eCommerce store for Ivhu Handmade Ceramics, including online presence, packaging design, and social media branding. Ivhu Ceramics has shipped to products all over the world, from Canada to Cape Town.


Extensive research was conducted on their brand history, values, and target audience to understand its unique identity.

Created a beautiful and elegant design that reflected the craftsmanship of the ceramics.

Developed an eCommerce store with a focus on user experience, designed packaging that complemented the brand, and created a social media presence that showcased the products.


The new corporate identity and eCommerce store successfully captured the essence of Ivhu Handmade Ceramics, enhancing brand recognition and driving sales. The packaging design and social media branding further strengthened the brand’s image, attracting a wider audience and increasing customer engagement.